Walnut Street YMCA in Wilmington, DE


Building -- Community Center
Walnut Street YMCA in Wilmington, DE
The Walnut Street YMCA was an important community center for Wilmington African Americans and holds significance for African American culture, community, and activism, past and present.
Front and side facades of the African American YMCA branch, now called the Walnut Street YMCA, in Wilmington, Delaware. This location began construction in 1939, opened in 1940, and was located on East Tenth and North Walnut Streets. Inside the YMCA was a gymnasium, auditorium, pool, library, bowling alleys, and a billiard room. The Walnut Street YMCA was a community center for the African American population of Wilmington. The Walnut Street YMCA (and YWCA) provided the Human Rights League of Delaware and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) with a meeting space. A 1941 meeting of the National Negro Congress was held here to advocate for an equal rights bill for Delaware African Americans; John P. Davis of the Negro Congress and Louis L. Redding, Delaware's first African American attorney, spoke at this meeting. In 1998, the original Walnut Street YMCA was demolished and a new YMCA was built on the same site. See "References" for more information on this historic location.
Wilmington, Delaware
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