First Naturalized Hispanic Settlers of Delaware


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First Naturalized Hispanic Settlers of Delaware
This items addresses the early presence of Hispanic people in Delaware as well as the challenges they encountered upon arrival
This page highlights numerous records containing information about the settler’s age, birthplace, parents, education, occupation, employer, address, children and more.

1st Settler. John Spanish (1822-1873). Born in Spain, lived in Seaford and Nanticoke. Other Names: Tomas or Thomas Clairmonte, Claramonte. His original name was not clearly documented due to the fact that the individual was not able to write or read to confirm the name written by the clerk. This challenge led to the adoption of the new name of “John Spanish.”

2nd Settler. Joseph Fernandez (1853-1906). Born in Spain, lived in North Murderkill, Milford, and Wilmington. Other Names: José Fernández, Farnandeez, Farandeez, Fernandeez, Furnandez.

3rd Settler. Edward Lekens (1862-1940). Born in Uruguay, lived In Wilmington. Other Names: Lenken, Liken, Lakins, Laken, Leken
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